Andrea Spada
Andrea Spada
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Feb 12, 2019 1 min read

In the Search for the Holy Grail

Why it’s so hard to find a good static generator able to deal with multi language content?

It seems that there is an huge number of static generators out there, yet they seems to fit inside very constrained categories, when seeing from a polyglot perspective:

  • coded by geniuses, for geniuses
  • coded by one-language-speakers
  • too much opinionated in regard content layout

So, I decided to use this year to try out as much generators as possible, trying to produce easily maintainable website scaffold with multi language content. This blog is produced with hugo, which to me fits in the third category.

I’ll experiment with the most used one - jekyll - and more modern ones, like gatsby, next.js and metalsmith.

I’ll post here my finds and considerations. Stay tuned!