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In the Search for the Holy Grail

Why it’s so hard to find a good static generator able to deal with multi language content? It seems that there is an huge number of static generators out there, yet they seems to fit inside very constrained categories, when seeing from a polyglot perspective:

Which lingua você habla, mon cher?

Toward a polyglot existence I always felt great admiration and quite a powerful envy for peoples able to communicate in many languages. It’s frankly something I consider almost necessary, especially from an European view, and it surprise me when I encounter guys of my age which do not known at least another language beside their native one.

Os I Dared to be used to

In the beginning As almost any guy of my ages, I started to deal with computers with a console - Commode64 and later Amiga 500 - then, naturally, went to Windows 1.

It's Alive

Basic structure functional and working I just found a charming template - that one! - made by Wow Themes and so I started switching my previous hugo onepage to something more ample.