Andrea Spada
Andrea Spada
The nerdy craftsman behind that mess...
Dec 4, 2018 1 min read

About Me

So, here we are: who am I?

I’m an Italian born guy, currently living in Brazil. I studied to became an artisan, mainly a designer and sculptor, however, being caught by the love for music during my teen ages I turned myself in a musician and, later, in a classical trained luthier.

A constant in my life is my nerdish lifestyle: I always wished to go deeper and deeper in my understanding of life and nature, and those are very nerdish qualities IMHO. That’s mean that I have very broad interests, going from natural sciences - physics, cosmology, mathematic, geometry… - to human sciences - history, anthropology, philosophy, religions…

So, what I do of my time?

Today, beside working full time as a professional luthier at my shop, I continue to play professionally as bass player and double bassist (though no more in classical orchestras; just chamber works, from now on…) but had success in spare some time to learn coding and going deeper in my variated studies.